We unify educational topics of 
the European insurance industry.

Our motivation: 

We bring together professionals from insurance education institutions in Europe committed on high quality standards and comparability.

eficert is a self-initiative of the educational institutions of the insurance industry in Europe. Our goal is to work closer together in order to ensure european-wide transparency and standards in insurance education.

And how do we do that?

The eficert certificates: Comparing individual national qualifications on a European level

For the core job functions in the insurance industry, each country has different requirements, qualifications and standards. We have agreed on joint standards for those qualifications.  Graduates of these national qualifications can receive an eficert certificate with an eficert title. eficert member organizations can only submit such certificates after undergoing an accreditation process.  The certificate holders thus show that their qualification is equivalent to certain other European qualifications. The idea behind: To facilitate the mobility of skilled workers in the European labour market.  


A network of professionals in insurance education.

eficert ist a unique European network of professionals highly specialized in insurance and financial education. We meet at our annual conference which are organised in turn at the location of one of our members. We meet in person, because this exchange gives rise to long-standing professional relationships and friendships. Our annual conference is an invitation-only event but open to everyone who works in our domain and is interested in our work. Please contact us.


Representing the educational interests in the insurance and financial industry 

Whenever training and further education in the insurance industry is discussed in Europe, eficert is the right point of contact: for companies, for those interested in further education and for political decision-makers.


Eficert comments on the EU Commission's plans in the form of official statements. The member institutions of eficert are in close contact with the insurance companies and their associations in the member states.


Eficert is a strong voice to make the educational interests of the insurance industry heard.

eficert events

eficert hosts and promotes various events for professionals who are engaged in education and training in the insurance and finance industry. 

Our board members are also engaged in organizing the annual EIET conference - the European Conference of the National Institutes for Professional Insurance Education. 


You are interested in joining this event? Please write an email for admission.

Contact us.

Don't hesitate to reach out! We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Katharina Höhn
Dr. Katharina Höhn
Member of the board of eficert

German Association for insurance education / Berufsbildungswerk der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft (BWV) e.V., Managing Director