eficert certificate


What is the certificate?

Graduates of certain eficert accredited national qualifications can receive a certificate with an eficert title.  Certificate holders thus show that their qualification is equivalent to important other European qualifications. Upon completion, graduates will receive both a printed certificate and a digital badge linking to their digital certification.


The certificate recognizes compliance with a specific framework: The sectoral qualification framework for the insurance industry (SQF).  The idea behind: To facilitate the mobility of skilled workers in the European labour market.  

Added value for our target groups


Insurance employees and intermediaries can demonstrate that their national qualification meets the standards of comparable qualifications in other European member states. They show their interest in achieve recognition and documentation of their competences. They show that they are not only interested in the national insurance market, but that they want to broaden their horizons and gain a European perspective. 




Employers gain transparency, enabling effective management of company competences, ensuring alignment with objectives. This boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty, vital in competitive sectors.








Customers benefit from enhanced consumer protection with skilled professionals providing clear communication and insights into complex insurance products. They feel secure dealing with companies committed to maintaining high standards in the industry.






How to become a certificate holder?

If your country respectively your insurance institute is a member of the eficert organization, you can apply there for an eficert certificate. Upon completion of one of the accredited qualifications, you will receive both a printed certificate and/or a digital badge linking to your digital certification. Also, you may wish to be entered on our list of certificate holders on this website.

*For regulatory reasons, no new eficert certificates will be issued for Switzerland. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the certificate holders listed here are authorised as insurance intermediary in Switzerland.