Our mission

Our mission
Providing the best education in insurance

We are education enthusiasts and love the insurance industry. Each and every one of us is committed to providing the best education for this industry in our own country. And that we succeed throughout Europe.

Learning from each other

In our countries, we are the institutions specialising in insurance and finance. If we want to exchange ideas with people who do the same as we do, we can only find them in other countries in Europe. 


Harmonization of the European market

We aim to take account of the harmonization of the European market.


Practitioner- and customer-oriented education

We aim to base its certificates on practitioner- and customer-oriented education and training.

Our Certificate

The certificate recognizes compliance with certain regulations that demonstrate adherence to a specific framework. This certification aligns qualifications with European standards, utilizing the SQF model based on EQF guidelines. 

Our Members

Being part of an organization that includes members from all over Europe provides a great opportunity for networking and learning from each other. 

As a member country you can rely on support and coaching in the process of applying for accreditation. 

Contact us.

Don't hesitate to reach out! We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Katharina Höhn
Dr. Katharina Höhn
Member of the board of eficert

German Association for insurance education / Berufsbildungswerk der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft (BWV) e.V., Managing Director