How do we determine whether a qualification is included in the SQF?

As a member of the eficert organization you can apply for accreditation to distribute the qualifications of the Sectoral Qualification System (SQF). 
The accreditation permits you to issue certificates on behalf of eficert to graduates of your institute.

Guidelines for the accreditation

We take great care with all the documents on which the qualification is based: The competences to be acquired, the learning objectives, content and, most importantly, the final examinations play a special role. 


All documents are reviewed by our Accreditation Committee. It is made up of highly specialised insurance professionals from various European countries. All experts work on a voluntary basis. 


The eficert board decides on the accreditation based on the recommendations of the Accreditation Committee.


Highly specialised experts accreditate our members

The members of the Accreditation Teams of eficert are highly specialized experts appointed by the country they each are representing and approved by the eficert governing body. Their goal is to analyse all incoming applications as well as to help and support member countries throughout the application process.


Our Accreditation Teams not only review applications but also provide guidance during the process, addressing linguistic challenges and other hurdles promptly for smooth proceedings. Reviews include on-site meetings in the applicant's home country, where documentation is presented and vocational training is explained, aiding the Accreditation Team's understanding. Following the review, the Accreditation Committee provides written recommendations to the eficert board for final decisions.

The Steps

Deciding for certificates

Before applying for recognition you have to decide which certificate(s) you wish to obtain. 



Describing training methods

Next you have to describe and document the content of the relevant vocational training, learning methods and outcome and most importantly: how you assess the gained competences.

Ensuring competences

To achieve the accreditation you must show how the national qualification delivered by your organization guarantees that the certificate holders possess the described knowledge, skills and competences.