Joint standards add value

Eficert adds value to the customer, employees and employers within the insurance industry all over Europe by transparency. See why:

The employees achieve recognition and documentation of their competences. In addition this gives greater job satisfaction and is potentially career promoting.

The employers achieve transparency and are thereby provided overview and strong managerial tools to handling the company’s competences. Thus it ensures that the right competences are employed in order to achieve the company’s objectives. In addition this increases customer satisfaction and loyalty; both prerequisites for success in a highly competitive sector.

The customers achieve greater consumer protection. Thus they are met by professionals who are highly skilled and carry out strong communication skills that are vital for creating insight and understanding of the rather complex insurance products.
In addition the customers can feel safe knowing that they are dealing with professional companies in an industry that are striving to maintain high standards.

Working independently to set joint standards

Independently of national education systems and commercial interests eficert defines joint standards for employees working in the insurance industry; All of this to the benefit of customers, employers and the employees themselves.  

The members of eficert - the European Financial Certification Organisation - have agreed on joint standards for certifying the core job functions in the insurance industry. The work is carried out independently of national interests and the aim is to achieve joint European certifications of equivalent national qualifications in accordance with defined European standards.

The members of eficert are in consensus that meeting the defined vocational standards at national level is essential for establishing recognized European titles.

By defining the three descriptors’ knowledge, skills and competences, which are tested in the national exam, accreditation of the national exams is granted if the exam fulfills all eficert requirements.

Consequently the national exam becomes independent from national interests, but adapted to the relevance for the specific country.

Sharing information, knowledge and standards

Be part of a unique European network that is creating joint standards to the benefit of employees, employers and customers within the European insurance industry.

eficert counts at this time 19 member countries and offers an unique European community. Together we work to achieve joint standards in the insurance industry and have successfully developed and implemented the Sectoral Qualification Framework known as SQF.

Being part of an organization that includes members from all over Europe provides a great opportunity for networking and learning from each other. It also calls for communication to tie us together and we do so by communicating on this website, by newsletters from the chairman, by face to face meetings and our annual conference.

As a member country you can rely on support and coaching in the process of applying for accreditation. We have four Accreditation Committees Teams – one for claims, underwriting, solvency II and one for intermediary – that are going through processing applications. The committees Accreditation Teams are not only evaluating the applications, but also coaching member countries in their aim to apply for accreditation. Eficert aims for a non-bureaucratic system and are is highly interested in optimizing the application processes which is very important.

The most important aim is to have a system that is transparent and understandable. In order to ensure a homogenous and high quality processing the applications, the members of the Accreditation Teams are all highly qualified specialist within their field.

If you are interested in joining eficert, do not hesitate contacting the Board or the president.