Comparing the outcome of national competence assessment

The members of the Accreditation Teams of eficert are highly specialized experts appointed by the country they each are representing and approved by the eficert governing body. Their goal is to analyse all incoming applications as well as to help and support member countries throughout the application process.

As a member of the eficert organization you can apply for accreditation to distribute the qualifications of the Sectoral Qualification System (SQF). The accreditation permits you to issue certificates on behalf of eficert to graduates within the insurance industry.

To achieve the accreditation you must show how the national qualification delivered by your organization guarantees that the certificate holders possess the described knowledge, skills and competences. That is why we have developed an application process to ensure that all relevant information and documentation are taken into account for both the applicant and the Accreditation Teams. It is crucial that the process is transparent to all involved parties.

Before applying for recognition you have to decide which certificate(s) you wish to obtain (link til oversight). Next you have to describe and document the content of the relevant vocational training, learning methods and outcome and most importantly; how you assess the gained competences.

Consultancy is offered

All though we aim to keep the applying process as transparent as possible, we acknowledge that it requires substantial resources to execute the process. The members of the Accreditation Teams therefore not only review the applications that are handed in, they also offer their consultancy when working out the application. This way any linguistic challenges or other obstacles can be solved quickly and pave the way for a smooth working procedure.

Part of the review is taking place in the home country of the organization applying for accreditation. At this meeting the applicant is invited to present and explain the documentation handed in and to support the Accreditation Team in understanding the vocational training in question.

As a result of the review the Accreditation Team will give a written recommendation to the Accreditation Committee who will make the final decisions.

No extra cost

At present, no accreditation fee has to be paid, as this is included in the eficert membership fee. eficert covers all costs related to work in the Accreditation Teams.