SQF 5:
European Certified Insurance Senior Intermediary

Overall job content

The overall role of the Senior European Insurance Intermediary is to build and maintain a profitable portfolio of customers within his/her given segment. This involves finding the right potential customers; analyzing complex risk situations and designing solutions that address the customers’ needs in a way that is also beneficial for the insurance company. The Senior European Insurance Intermediary deals with business customers and thus mainly negotiates with professionals with the responsibility to buy insurance for the entire business. He/she may also sell individual insurance to VIP’s at the customer company.

The European Certified Insurance Senior Intermediary should be placed at EQF 5

  • The person has 2-3 years of education (some degree of theory but still with a more practical focus)
  • The person is a practicing sales person (rather than having more administrative/managerial tasks)
  • The person solves insurance problems for the customer (rather than developing new products or practices for the insurance company)


The primary difference between the EII and the Senior EII is

  • An EII sells standard products to end-users. He/she works within boundaries set by the company and does not necessarily know the larger economic implications of the sale.
  • A Senior EII sets his/her own framework, i.e. he/she builds his/her own portfolio. He/she knows his/her market, and the economy of his/her company, so well that he/she can judge which customers to pursue and which not. His/her customers are mainly business customers (including the individual VIPs within the company in question).

The profile does not cover an agency manager.

Exams applying for accreditation of European Certified Insurance Senior Intermediary must meet the following criterias within knowledge, skills and competences.