SQF 6:
European Certified Insurance Claims Manager

Overall job content

The overall role of The European Certified Insurance Claims Manager SQF 6 is to handle claims information and documentation to as-sess the validity of a claim and to decide whether to accept and approve, in full or in part, or decline a claim in accordance with


  • The terms and conditions of the policy
  • The guidelines and practices of the company
  • The codes of good practice of the industry
  • The laws and regulations of the country


In addition the Claims Manager is responsible for:


  • Managing specialist knowledge on claims handling and the given insurance class
  • Identifying trends in the claims development and the market structure
  • Developing new products
  • Translating new legislation into processes, procedures and practices


The profile covers any class of insurance, including reinsurance business and it is intended for a Level 6 Claims manger dealing with all classes of business within the European insurance market and who may be representing both a local or foreign firm. The claims manager deals with the most complex:

  • Claims
  • Policies
  • Customers

The certificate holder does not have to have training within all insurance classes, but can be certified based on any class.Exams applying for accreditation of European Certified Insurance Claims Manager must meet the following criterias within knowledge, skills and competences.